Case study

Autogate systems is an online shop.

The e-commerce side of the website is crafted specifically to meet the advanced needs for the seller that serves 2 different groups of visitors:

B2C (Business to Customer)- Anybody who needs to buy i.e gate automation online can make a purchase effortlessly on the website.
– And B2B (Business to Business) model- dealing with trade customers and wholesalers from within the gate automation industry.

Thanks to the solutions implemented in the shop, i.e. different customers groups see different prices in the shop- based on the user’s profile, visitors are getting reminders on abandoned carts, etc.


The entire website is powered by WordPress- the best CMS in the world.

The e-commerce is handled by Woocommerce, boosted with tons of advanced improvements- specific to the business model of the shop…

General features:

Shop features: